Wednesday, May 8, 2019


This post is dedicated to all of you who feel empty right now. The days when the mists hinder any look at daylight when the shadows paint your general surroundings.

The days when you feel nothing is right…when you’re feeling helplessness when you’re falling apart when you’re sinking, and when you are alone AF.

Just listen to me, these days will be too hard to survive…so much harder than you ever imagined. So much harder than you ever expected.

These are the days that will take away your confidence…these are the days when it will take your test to fight for your life.

You probably feel like life is too heavy; like you can’t do this.
It might feel as though the entire world is pushing down on your shoulders, denying you of solidarity, pushing down on your spirit. Every portion of your life is daunting.
You don’t fit in here.
And here comes the scariest part.
You may feel to end your life.
You may feel empty…exhausted…done. But you must hang on until you find a solution to get out of it.

Do one thing, breathe in and out, And you know what? Maybe that’s okay. Keep breathing, in and out. In and out. You will be okay.

Maybe you feel like you are too broken to be fixed; that the dull ache in your heart is here to stay. That your mind is a mess, and irreparably damaged. But take to heart that your body is strong – your body knows how to heal.

You can never be permanently broken. Every day you can start again, and every day you have the chance to put yourself back together. It might require investment and it might take quality, yet you are not broken. You are just a little scraped up. Nothing ever stays the same in this world – not even the bad times. The feelings will pass, so please sit through them. I promise that chances are, you will feel better very soon. And when you begin to heal again, you will see that the places you heal will become unbreakable. That’s because you are strong. Sadness is not a sign of weakness.

Don’t ignore your feelings or push away the pain. Let the agony hit home so that possibly you can comprehend that it is just a guest, it's not digging in for the long haul.

Watch your favorite cartoons, movies, start to write a book, who knows your book will be sold for a million copies. You have to keep faith in you until you get overcome from your sadness.

I will not be there every time to motivate you, nor will slow down your pain, but if you will understand how to put on this sadness into the happiness you will know this life is beautiful to live.
Like baba Ramdev what he says " Andar Bahar, Sab Thik Hojayega".
Just Breathe in. Breathe out, look yourself and move on with happiness.
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