Tuesday, February 5, 2019


My friends! You deserve to be happy. Actually, you deserve to be joyful. To giggle. To enjoy. To have your own choices. You deserve a life that is good and meaningful, a life without regrets and a cheerful life with lots and lots of love and respect.

Hey you! Listen! I know you are struggling. Sometimes, you feel like you are not special. A life that will bring you meaning. A life that will bring you to a path. I know you think you don’t deserve this. You think you do not deserve to smile. You think you do not deserve to have this life.

I feel you are struggling on your pain. You do not want to be sad anymore. You do not want to have tension. You do not want to keep crying every single night and day. But you don't need to be rude.

And what I feel is you’re thinking, everything is better than that feeling.

But please listen to me, reserve it that, this sadness is temporary as hell. This grief and tension are temporary. This suffering you are experiencing is not forever. It will not affect you daily. It will never stick with you like your human organs.

Believe me, you are beautiful. You are something for those who love you. You are the one who chooses to be perfect.

So please do not over think that you are nothing. 
Please do not believe in false judgment. Because you are something special.

You can change your life with your own little effort but never get in a trap of illusion. Never judge any people by their face because there are many examples of "Romeo and Juliet" who always focus on better behavior, but fail to get a dashing face. 

If someone says stop, do not stop. Do not lose hope for yourself. 

Do not let the depression and the pain take over your every happy emotion.
Get help. 
Engage with the people you feel frank with. 

Share your feelings to friends that you know won’t judge you. 

Try to make memories with friends because nothing can bring a better smile than memories that you had with someone.
Take a deep breath.

Trust yourself, you are not always going to feel like this. You are not always going to feel this dark. Compare yourself with the image that you see in the mirror. Who would want to see that depressed face? Even you will feel that, why am I being sad?

Why to live with a sad time if a small smile and happiness could bring a better time for your future life?

So please, keep moving. Keep motivating. Keep fighting with the problems. Most precious things you should keep smiling.

One day at your old age, when you will sit on the bench in a park, you will remind everything that you have done to overcome those problems and will pose that motivation to inspire others.

Take Care, Keep Smiling Because if you have no one I am here to listen to you.