Wednesday, February 13, 2019


Hey can i say you something today

One day if you’ll ask me what I see when I look at you, I’ll tell you I am so overwhelmed that I find you like the most caring and lovable person.

I’ll look at you like a small boy who looks up for the best item he has right now.

I’ll hold your heart in my both hands cupped, ever so calmly. Keep it close to my chest like the circulation blood was my own. Like taking care of you was the ultimate reason stars had to die to give life to this soul of mine.

Believe me when I tell you that your hands will never be null of anything. I’ll provide you with more love than you know what to do with these. Everything inside me will always be for you only.

The words “alone and all boys are the same” will become extinct from your vocabulary. I will be always there when you need a person to hold her hands and fight for the world.

You can confess your daily headaches, every crime, your every sin, to me. You can tell me what makes you go angry and what bothers you.

I will immortalize you with my words, paint you in ways no muse has been in history. I will trace verses of poetry on your back from rib to rib each night before you fall asleep.

When I write, it’ll be like I long since buried any metaphor that came before you.

I will touch you like the softness of wind blowing through your hair as love. Like we’re two wildfires that can’t be put out. Like the world could be ending and I couldn’t stop.

I will never leave you rather than I will love you until you give me a reason not to. And when I leave, I will leave you like I never loved you.

I will leave you when I realize the worst thing you could have ever done was against my heart.

I’ll leave you Loudly and not fast enough. Yet, I will leave you the way a snake sheds its skin, slowly and quietly. I will be somebody differently entirely. You won’t recognize me. It’ll be like you never touched me.

My leave will be hell for you. The nights will feel threatening, heavy, and a little bit haunted by my memory. You’ll start to hear my words in your daydream where you will need the motivation to wake up.

When I leave, I will not only take the key with me, I will take every copy, throw them in flames and scatter the ashes.

You’ll start to miss a place you cannot run back to. You will think of a home you lost the directions to get to.

When I leave, I leave for good.

You will look up at the sky, see the moon, but still feel like it disappeared with me. You will be with another guy but will always remember me like hell.

And in this crowd when you will search me back, you will only found my middle finger to salute you.