Monday, February 18, 2019


This is related to one of my relative who married a very pretty girl. She was so damn pretty that everyone was wondering how this guy got so lucky.

Anyway, after a few months of living together, there came the judgment day. 
Things weren't going well between this pretty lady and her in-laws. 

No, her in-laws were down to earth human beings. So technically, there had to be something serious.

One fine day she asked her husband “ Choose between your parents and me!! I want to live away from all this stupidity and people without common sense.” He was devastated.

Did he leave his parents? Yes, he did.

A few months later, he got busy with his new startup and started coming home late. There were problems again. “ You're not taking me anywhere these days because of that useless startup of yours. Choose between your business and me! Else I'm going home to my parents”.

Did he leave his startup

He left his dream behind and settled for a monotonous job.
Next, this man was close to a girl and a guy from his college days. 
They were his best friends. He used to share his tragedies with them. 
One fine day his wife said “ What's your problem. Am I not enough for you?" Why do you want them? You keep talking to them all day! Choose between them and me! Else I'm going home”. This was it.

She's living with her parents now.
The guy is busy running another startup with his best friends and going back home for dinner with his parents. He's at peace.
So what makes a woman unattractive??
Her inability to understand the dreams, passion, and emotions of her soulmate. 
A relationship ain't a commitment, it's friendship taken to a whole new level.
This applies to guys as well.