Wednesday, January 23, 2019


In your life sometimes you feel you don’t deserve them because you think you don't feel comfortable much with them.
You think you don’t deserve a life where you are going through many problems. Maybe you have a low trusting issue. Maybe someone has broken down you. 
Maybe you feel your life is such a boring. But trust me, one day you will deserve what you wanted to. 
You will deserve the kind of love that makes you realize that you are special. Because you are you. But never try to duplicate yourself with others.
 In this universe, you are the one who thinks in a unique way. You are the one who could love you forever. You are the one who could convince you in a better way. You are a unique, man!
One day you will deserve what you want. The pain and problems that hurt and ponder your heart will be cured. You just have to think and support “that you deserve this”.
You always think precisely that you are nothing, no one will appreciate what you are. But you will get that love who will show you that you deserve the life you want to. 
You will get the love and care soon. You will get everything that you want. Just don't get hurry.
You certainly deserve one who just loves your thinking. And not just your body, but your heart. You are worthy of that love which will not only exist on the surface. 
You deserve to forget all the memories which always hunts you like creepy stories.
And from the above, you deserve to get someone who will never give up on you.
This is your perfect time where you should know you deserve someone better who loves. Who will not judge you by your past?
Just know you deserve to be get loved. The man/woman who will enter in your life will know about your perfect soul, lovable heart, pleasant smile, crazy style.
You of all people are deserving of someone who won't look your face, body, money. Who won’t judge you by your changes and run? 

You deserve someone who will walk with you always when you are alone,
Will talk with you when you will be sad,
Will hug you when you will miss your parents.
In these past years, you have already felt love is not that easy. It will never be perfect. But please try to understand, one day your imperfectness will be perfect for somebody. 

And you’ll find that person that will help you fight your battles, and you’ll find that person who will fight with every period of their life they have, just to see you smile.

Never get worried about time. It will be fine because the waiting always gives you the sweetest result ever.

The main thing is don’t feel “you are ugly, you are fat, you are poor, you don’t have a bike, you don’t have so-called swag”,
Because “You deserve to be loved one day”. 
Stay Blessed, Stay Happy :)