Wednesday, January 9, 2019

You are cute not Fat !

Actually, I am confused about how it took me more than 24 years on this planet to make me feel that it is okay not to be perfect.
I didn’t know before that you can be happy at everything you will get, I thought if there was anything you were still working on, you were supposed to find yourself on the theory of "one day it will be perfectly fine and time will give me a big hamper of wonderful surprise". So, I watched while I studied. I did watch many people find things that made them happy in their own way. I watched people do their own things what their mind said, but I never heard about the single voice of my mind because I thought I am a normal guy and didn’t feel like I would deserve it. I watched many people true faces with reality.

The main thing we should understand is: every person on this planet has a sack of happiness and sadness and the difference is that your sack is quite different from others. You have the disappointing reality of not having the same quality. Everyone knows what your struggle is. Who else can pretend that they don’t struggle at all? Obviously, everyone. You just have to be humble.

Everyone struggles and they have to survive this reality. Your eating issues — whatever you have— you are allowed to go through this pain, too. You’re allowed to have something wrong with you. You’re allowed to have a coping what others do. Every single other person does this, though their methods are less visible, less optimistic.

What if you just accepted, at this moment, that you are not perfect? As a normal human being, you have failings, just like other. You have a mountain to climb, and you must climb it. Like many other things comes to you. We feel a bad feeling, we want to drag it down and give a better try to emit out.

We understand not to have a lack of willpower or some moral failing, we set out to survive.
The main theme some of you always will feel bubbling to the surface when they talk about your weight. It like begging for you to announce it, to apologize to any outsiders reading this: no, please don’t think being overweight is healthy. Yes, I believe it is something to switch your mind on to passion and hard work. But how many backfires of negativity you will get, how many fundamentally terrible personality traits do we not treat in this same way? Many fat people become fat because they are precised by the fatty things.

Perhaps the way goes out — the way goes through — is to observe the reality as it is and accept it, for this time, and not to feel it is insufferable. We all have mistakes and we are faulty, we all need to understand how to be gracious with ourselves, how to move forward bit by bit.
You are fat and it's okay. You are allowed to fail again and again. You are allowed to pick up and start again in the new form. Because trust me "You guys are cute".

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