Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Why You ? Why Us ?

Why you? Why us?
Why you? Why us?

Simple question of two words,but it will take your whole life explaining the one you love, why you and why us, I love you because I have no reason, if I have a reason to love you I don’t think that would be love anymore because my reason may change after some time, some months or some years.

I love the way you are, I love you from head to toe, I love your pure heart & I love your pure soul. No matter what you say and what you try to become on your outer layer, deep down inside there is a kind, loving, soft-hearted person hidden & that person also wants to love, wants to be loved and wants to be explored and wants to be wanted, after all, we all are humans and we are all created the same.
It’s just that we try to wear a different mask to protect ourselves from this selfish & cruel world, we pretend to be very strong and pretend that we don’t care but deep down inside that caring & loving heart also wants someone to love, hiding emotions, hiding feelings are okay to some extent but end of the day no hearts can live without loving someone.

The heart is designed this way, no matter how hard you try It will slip away with the person you love or the person who loves you unconditionally. The reason, "YOU" is because it belongs to me and that is one and only "YOU" and I do not need anyone to be present in anywhere in my entire life and no one knows the actual reason behind why only you? Because it’s not you who decide.

 It's your heart who decides, hearts are designed in such way that they do not tell you anything until they make a decision and eventually you come to know after giving it away to someone you love or someone who loves you & hearts are never meant to be yours that’s why they do not listen to you, hearts knows where they belong so once you meet that someone, they automatically exchanges and once the exchange is done.

You carry someone’s else’s heart, so imagine if your own heart didn’t listen to you, do you think someone else’s heart will listen to you? That’s the exchange of hearts and you eventually fall in love so much that you only say, "YES YOU". No one else, but you. I love you. 

Did you find any reason why you? No right, so let your heart decide what it wants to do and whom it wants to belong, hearts never go wrong, they know the best.

Why us

It’s simple, because my hearts know yours very well and our souls are connected so well that life would be really simple with us being together, so many similar things to share & so many opposite attractions to explore, so many memorable nights to remember, so many fights to fight, so many beautiful memories to create, so many dramas to show, so many little things to enjoy, so many sleepless nights, so many happy moments to live, so many painful nights to spend, so many days to cry, so many generations to create and so many things to do and so many things to be together, so many reasons to be just happy and so many things to look forward for the other day, that’s why us, we can be so us that people will envy with our being so much the us. 

Life can be so interesting & adventurous if you are with the person you love & Life would be greater if the other person loves you more!

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