Sunday, January 13, 2019


What is 'Success'?

Simply, success is a word of only seven letters but has some meaningful story which may occupy the whole page of books. Most of the authors, champs and successful people described it in their own way in a beautiful way. Success principles always mean the real satisfaction with the great happiness covering up your beautiful smile. Many people created their success poem, wrote a success story on their successful career. Success experiences always come from your beautiful research and better practices. This depends on how did you complete your task following the special strategy.

Actually, success is not a thing that you achieved, but it is the reason for rejoicing due to what you have gained or achieved. Never let anybody hold your passion by their force in a simple small cage. You are better than others, in other words, you are a perfect unique folk. Try to always give a better try to enlarge your work portfolio.

          Success criteria never get bounded in a small circle. Success entrepreneurs are the one who believes and focuses in 'J' bar of their work circle. There is no single answer for success definition. Different success people have their own principles in their success stories and success definition may vary according to the principles. But do you know the interesting fact that their unique Principles made them a success Principal of their own kingdom?

In case of husband and wife, success is a process of marriage work with lots of hope so that they can celebrate a golden wedding anniversary. Success is the consistency of making family engaged with and share the happiness together with. That's why love between family will be established in a powerful bond. Likewise, for students, success is the completion of courses in their study level, re-establish the mind and talent to make an advantageous contribution to the human race. And what then is the success for the surgeon? It's simply by saving a life! Most of the surgeon feels happier after the successful surgery of living beings. That could be the precious pride for them.

        Success for the guides(so-called teachers) would be the best credit by motivating and encouraging their students to develop self-images that will uplift them to the level of heights that they had never dreamed about. In most of the case about the salesperson, success can be described by discovering the audience who have problems that could be solved by their service and person so that, they would get satisfied with the happy timing.

Why 'Happiness' is an actual Success?

        Success doesn't mean well time and it also doesn't mean only money. It's a reason for rejoicing or happiness that you did for and shares the moment of happiness with another. If you are happier with your work, you are making well money. If you don't hesitate to spend money for your enjoyment then that's actually not a success, that's a chillness of being proud of wealth. But if you are making money with happy face,provide some time with your family,spend money for your mandatory needs and most of the premier point is that if you share some percentage of your income with some incapable person and you got able to see a smile at their face and you also got smiled unknowingly in return. That smile! Yeah! That smile on your face due to the reason of other's smile is a real success. That smile can't be sell, can't be resale, can't give away, but can multiply the reason of happiness. And that happiness with the smile is an actual success. It will get enlarged by the time because never gonna ending and failure would be never final in life.