Sunday, January 6, 2019


People these days do matter in selfishness. Once you were free for them and they were good at you because they used to get some benefits from you!

From top to bottom, heart to heart, home to school/college you were very close together and you used to be ready to fight with someone else if that person tried to hurt your friend.

In the whole universe, there is no strongest bond than friendship(after parent's love).

But now time changes. Your destination changes, your track of traveling changes, your place to talk by taking a cup of tea changes, your relationship status changes, in a conclusion you are changed, now!
You didn't use to go to college if I weren't ready for college.
You didn't use to take first syrup of tea unless I take off mine.
You didn't use to go for an outing if I refused it. Even you didn't want to for a ride if I was in another's friend ride.
You didn't use to take your meal without asking me if I had my meal or not.
You used to say that the relationship doesn't really matter if I have a friend as like you, but my dear friend where are you, now?

These days, I often spend my whole days thinking about the beautiful past days that I had spent with my real one.

Nowadays, my friend doesn't want to talk with me in a phone call, don't want to message me in social media, don't want to smile together, don't want to walk together. But why?
The only one reason, "Because he's committed, now"! My mind is rounding with a question and answer like that.
I was feeling like I am the only one to whom I can talk with a relatable question. Because my mind was creating some questions and answering itself.

I was just like anchoring in a small voice in which I was saying, I was questioning, I was answering, and convincing myself(because sounds of anchor could be heard by everyone and anchor would fail to hear the sound of every people).........

He could not get a friend like me in his entire life, because he failed to judge the people! He failed to attract the most careful friend because he ignored me as HE HAD REPLACED ME SOMEHOW!

What type of moral does this story want to provide?

Never trust anyone blindly with your soft heart.
Never get too much close and engaged with short-term people.
 Live with your own thoughts.
Never let anyone control your emotions and feelings with full effort.
Spend your some time with some pets rather than people. They usually don't know how to break anyone's heart in real. 
Gather some knowledge and fun to recover the beautiful time that someone ruined in your past life.
Sometimes your best friends can be the worst enemies, too. (for the time)
You are the only one who can love you with full of emotions of love at any cost.