Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Suicide Is Not A Solution

(To all of the readers, one thing  I want to inform you that, this story is not a real story, but I wrote it for some motivation to the people.)

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I pulled my chair out and started to write a letter. The subject or title/topic of my letter was “I am extremely sorry, but I am escaping for forever and can't do anything”. In summary, it was my suicide letter. A sip of coffee and lips of cigarette I typed my first letter. Let’s go back and feel why I was writing this letter. I am a normal guy with normal wishes. The middle-class boy emerged with happiness was happily surviving but now the time is different. Time was frustration and full of tensions. I don’t want to live. The family pressure of earning, a quiet heartbreak, dull confidence, and anxiety are the main thing which is proceeding me towards doing suicide.

****Feels like we're on the pointed edge just right now and I wish that I could say I'm proud I'm sorry that I let you down****
(By the way, this is my ringtone)

An unknown number was calling me.


“Hey, is this Gatsby???”,he says.

“Yeah who is this ???”, I replied.

“I am your one of the well-wisher and I want to share you something”

(I was about to write suicide letter and planning to kill me but here one of the well-wishers want to share something. Come on I want to die silently).

“Okay go on”!

“Well don’t get me wrong but I am going to do suicide “

(A moment of silence was there, I was scared, confused and laughing at myself. On one hand, I am trying to remove me from this earth and on the other hand, this random guy is confessing “ He is going to do suicide himself, are you kidding me, bro)

“Huh, you must be kidding right??”

“No Gatsby, that’s the truth. I am so frustrated with my life and now I don’t want to live”

“Your sound of crying proves it, so why you want to do suicide, tell me the main reason, and why you called me ??”
“ I don’t want to give you reasons for my suicide, and why I choose you because you motivate people right and what you say in your post is actually different in real life. “
(Man, you are true, give me a hug, sometimes I too feel why the hell I am motivating people even though it is not that much active in real life. If it was so, I would also not think about suicide. But what I always feel is why not let's try “
“Yeah, you are right, but at least you have to tell me the reasons”.
“ I want to request you for something, for the last time can you please motivate me, can you please write something for me “
(Are you kidding me, bro? I am also doing suicide and there is no one who can motivate me and here you are asking me to write something, Hmm sometimes I feel why I started to write these stuff? Why did I start to focus more on people rather than me? The main problem of my life is I cannot say “NO” to anyone.)
“Okay wait, just give me some time “
“Okay Gatsby, don’t hang the phone, I will wait, though this is my last day and the last talk”
Now what to write, I am just numb…….

--After 10 minutes” 

"Bro! Are you there? "
“Yes, I am, waiting for the post”.
“Okay listen carefully,
Suicide is not easy to talk about. A death by suicide is not easy to take. Being a mother, it is not easy to confess that your son escaped himself. As siblings, it is not easy to admit that your brother took his own life. As a friend, it is not easy to brief that your friend passed because of love failure. In a sense, it feels like you failed.

My mother committed suicide 7 months ago. She was right in front of me hours before it all happened. By all appearances, she was happy. I leave the office saying “goodbye mom”. We hugged, we said I love you.
Little did I know that it would be our last hug, our last goodbye, our last I love you. When someone passes away from old age, we are prepared for it. None of us lives forever. At the time of their passing, there is an immense sadness from the loss of this person but the person who leaves sudden takes out all the emotions and pain at the same time.
And that thing made me a loser when I saw my mother body. It was pale and silent. I cried, I cried a lot but the thing was I cannot do anything. I cannot call my mom back. She could say me why she is going away from me? You will die but the tears of your suicide will always remain on your family eyes. 
“Gatsby bro, I am sorry to hear that, now I know what is the real meaning of suicide, I am dropping the idea, whatever I will get the problem, I will fight for it”.
“No problem take care”
“There are many people who need motivation during this time, I hope you will help them”
But in fact, I cannot help them, they should help themselves.

Sorry, mom, I was doing the same mistake which you did. I forget there are many people who love me, and if I do suicide what will they think about me.
It’s time to sleep, deleted the suicide letter from my mind and restoring the positive vibes again………….

In conclusion, don't waste your precious time to fulfill your mind with negative vibes. Your effort of making yourself happy can multiply the happiness in your family. So, come on! Let's start it with ourselves!  

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