Friday, January 11, 2019


In these past days, I have learned something about you "Difficult Girl".
I want to say these things to you. Last night I learned something that was enlightening suddenly when I blocked you in messenger. Yes, you are difficult to deal but the thing is..... 

There is no such thing as TOO difficult, TOO damaged, or needing TOO much to worry. If you think that, then you are part of the reason that she and 208538420 other females like her feel this way. If she is damn difficult, I can promise you, she is worth for you. She just wants to authenticate whether you are worthy for her or not. Provide or give a better reason to her in order to make her comfortable for staying. Provide her a reason to let full permission herself to lit your world in a way like a stranger. More than always, she’s lit and you kind of best friend since childhood just being a crazy baby.


Make her think she is important: Take the priority to ask her how her day is. Message her a text telling her she’s beautiful just because she loves that. Simple greeting messages of morning and night go a long way. Plan a date. It doesn’t have to be standard and swag type,photo-shoot; it doesn’t even mean you have to spend together in an outing. Plan something that seems as you usually spend the time to care about her and think about her almost time. Date naps go a long way. Everyone, including guys, need some re-assurance every time once in a while for their life. It’s a natural human emotion. Make her feel like she’s the only girl in the world who have curly hair.

Show her a verification that nothing is truly broken in this beautiful life: If she’s been distracted/frustrated/loneliness over in the past or was treated poorly by someone either by you, she already has some broken sense of relationships over you. PROVE HER WRONG.Do any task you can do in order to prove her wrong that all guys are not the same. Load your force of love and fire those words in a sweet voice. When you spy her, don't stalk at her as if someone is distracted to a sadness path, stare at her and wonder how can someone hurt this type of beautiful soul with kind and wonderful heart.

Show her nothing is easy: Let her know you know that she’s difficult and that’s one of her finest qualities. Being difficult is so adamant upon, but you find it intimidating yet amazing. If she wasn’t difficult for you, you probably wouldn’t be interested in such type of tough love story and wouldn't be booked the seat of the first position and that does not matter how difficult she was at that time, you probably wouldn't give up on her. She’s worth the fight and the real queen for a king like you.

Make her happy in your own way, because you will lose the best girl who is worth valuable in your entire life. 

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