Thursday, January 31, 2019

It's Over Now !

It's over now, girls.

It's over for a boy who always wished for others happiness.

It's over now to show you that care and love. 

He has finally felt your all words were fake. 

He was not expecting but he was trying to make you happy because he wants to, he saw himself in you. But what he gets the same unwanted feeling. 

He was not expecting anything from you, but love and some frank behavior.

He doesn't want to let you down at any cost because he cares about the every situation of you whether they may be bad or wrong.

He always lied himself that he had found a better life partner for his life because he is now cheated.

He missed the best memories over them with his friends because he had to give time with you. 

He had left the coffee talk with friends. 

He had left the photo session with his friends. 

He had left the most enjoyable moments with friends.

You know, why? 

It's just because he had set the mind with that he had to give time with you. 

It's because you were his life. It's because you are the one he wanted to see a happier more than his friends.

It's because he didn't want to miss the sweet talk with you which are more tastier than coffee.

It's because he wanted to capture the best memory of you on his find than being the photogenic with his friends. 

It's because he didn't want to leave you alone so that you won't feel lonely and upset.

It's because he wanted to make you feel that you have got the best caring life partner ever.

The same ignorance every time. He knows you don't want to talk with anyone and you have your own problems.

Hold on girl, this guy has many problems than you but he is still considered to make you happy and smiling. 

He wants too, he chooses you not because of who you are, he is not here to give sympathy, he is not here to play with your feelings, he is here because of he just likes you, he is here because he just likes to talk with you. 

He waited for your call today, but what you give to him ignorance if it was that why you said "I will not leave you", was that words for you are just a joke. 

He knows this situation is hard for him because he can be used again. He will be cheated again. But what he knows is he trust you more than himself, but you will not understand you will go back to the same problems who will make you depressed.

Now he will not force you, he will not try to make you happy because he is absolutely doomed. He is not alone but he wants your care and support.

Darling, it's over now, he tried to make you everything and now what he always gets "Thanks".