Monday, January 28, 2019


This story not only resemble my experiences, somehow this story may relate many people out there who think same what I used to think.

From the small age, I wonder why I am not so much lovable, why my parents didn't show me that love which I always needed?

Why at the small age I was treated as an alien?

I am saying these because I was wrong. Why?

Yes, I agree my mother and father gave me 15 rs for the lunch when I was at class 10.

Yes, I agree whenever there was a picnic at my school, my hand always failed to say "I am in".

Yes, I agree when I joined college my friends were smarter than me in every way of perspective.

Yes, I agree when I was in the college I was bullied because of my dark complexion and short height, not only boys, even girls were there to bully me.

Yes, I agree I never get a chance to buy myself clothes. All the clothes were chosen by my parents.

Yes, I agree, I wanted to look cool by having a nice haircut but eventually, I have to cut my hair short and ugly way because of fear of my parents.

Yes, I agree when my friends were riding a bike, showing them cool and I was traveling by bus, getting pocket money of 50 rupees where 30 rs was for traveling.

Yes!! Yes!! Yes
I agree my childhood and teenage life was not that much interesting, I used to curse myself getting this life, cutting my hands with a knife because of getting nothing when I needed most.

But I was wrong.
I was wrong because I never saw that effort of my parents, waking up at 4'o clock, going office, just to sure that I will get 15rs every day.

I was wrong because whenever I was failed to hands up for a picnic dad took me to ride and made my face smiling.

I was wrong thinking college friends were smarter one, yeah they were smart by look but soon I found I was good at studies better than them.

I was wrong to think I am the only one guy who is bullied, they were also bullied by someone more stronger, and about short height, soon I was in the heart of that girl whom many boys wanted to make her.

I was wrong because those clothes were best for me till today because I have my own fashion.

I was wrong, being handsome and cool is not only the things you wanted to be, because if you are poor, you are ugly but if you are rich you are the most handsome person in this world.

I was wrong about the concept of having a bike because my parents were saving money for my future, saving what if one day they will leave and there will be no one to look me after.

All those years I always thought about why my life is not like others but now I have to find my answer
It's because,
"This is your life, you have to make your life, you have to fight for your life, no matter people judge you, no matter you get problems, you have to rule this life as KING 👑 "