Friday, January 4, 2019

The Great Gatsby Themes(Time Was His Best Enemy)

Reviews of "The Great Gatsby"

First of all, I want to tell you about that, here I am gonna describe the theme and reviews of 'The Great Gatsby'(movie and novel as well). As I have watched and read 'The Great Gatsby', I will describe The Great Gatsby genre, Great Gatsby Themes, the American dream, love stories, love failure, desire,, relationship stories, love funeral home Dalton Ga, etc. As it will be in a long paragraph, we will read it in the chapter by chapter. (Don't worry, you will get all the chapter link just below the post).         

Actually, themes in The Great Gatsby can be categorized under many titles, but we will pick the most scene scenario seen in The Great Gatsby movie.
Jay Gatsby can be regarded as the love failure because of the American dream in The Great Gatsby.

The American Dream in The Great Gatsby :

 At a time of the 1920s in America, there was no respect towards the love of any couple. In addition to that, Jay Gatsby was unemployed and didn't do anything for family. However, he managed to be happy and used to show and share some love with his girlfriend,'Daisy'.It was like thwarted love between 'Jay Gatsby' and 'Daisy'.

They used to be less romantic because Gatsby's economic condition didn't let him do so for better romance. The American dream is like the tactics which can be generated by anyone in America. But according to the novel and movie of 'The Great Gatsby', Jay Gatsby is seen as a failure in that part which compelled him to leave his native area for certain time in order to balance his life carrier.

The enemy was time for Jay Gatsby :

(Here we gonna include about love, relationship and failure of Jay Gatsby)

Love Stories in 'The Great Gatsby' between 'Jay Gatsby' and the 'Daisy'

We all know that our life can't be run by our wealth only, but we need a loved one, too in order to gather happiness. Such like that, they were in love and used to gather happiness together. But there was an enemy in their sweet love story called time. Yeah, time! When 'Jay Gatsby' had a 'Daisy', he didn't have enough money to chill, but later, he missed his loved ones to chill with as Daisy was married to 'Tom Buchanan' afterward. As I had already said that we can't live life with wealth only, but how can we be fed if we have only loved ones losing wealth? In order to get the meaning of the first line of The Great Gatsby, we don't need to forget that time was the best enemy for Jay Gatsby which leads him to be a successful failure.

The above-described part is the main reason behind the failure of 'Jay Gatsby'.

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