Saturday, January 5, 2019


As there are many characters in 'The Great Gatsby' movie, but these are the main Great Gatsby Characters, we should not have to forget.

Here, I am going to describe to you about the Eight different Great Gatsby characters. They are:

1. Nick Carraway :

He is a young guy and a narrator of the novel, 'The Great Gatsby'. In the novel, he is expressed in an honest way who could examine and judge the person in a better way. He is business minded as he was graduated from Yale and used to go to New York for better business tactics and ideas. In the novel, he had narrated 'The Great Gatsby' in a visual way.

2. Jay Gatsby :

As anybody knows the Jay Gatsby, it will be like tea with less sugar if I explained about him. Feeling funny? It's obvious because you haven't noticed that Jay Gatsby was smiling at you. Well, the one unique character, Jay Gatsby who have got one-third part of his name in a title. A real lover who didn't care about any situation in order to make his girlfriend happy, but fails to make a girlfriend as a life partner. (Read more about Gatsby on Great Gatsby Themes)

3. Daisy Buchanan :

Daisy Buchanan is expressed as a young woman and Gatsby's love in 'The Great Gatsby' who is also a cousin of the narrator of this novel, Nick Carraway. In the movie or novel of 'The Great Gatsby', Daisy made a promise with Jay Gatsby that she will be waiting for him to marry. But when a well wealthy man called Tom Buchanan, she decided to break the promise that she made with Gatsby and she accepted the proposal of marriage from Tom Buchanan. Later after marriage, she wasn't much happy with Tom Buchanan and managed to hide her own pain at her husband, Tom Buchanan.

4. Tom Buchanan :

As we are already known about Tom Buchanan from the above paragraph, he is the husband of Daisy. He is regarded as the wealthy man in movie and novel, but of a cruel character. He used to be a member of Nick's social club at Yale. He had adulterated his attitude with racism and sexism and never want to live in a happy gathering. He also had a lover, Myrtle but feeling less love. That love had no aim to be happy, and he doesn't want to express himself with positive vibes with Daisy either. But when he noticed about the affair between Gatsby and Daisy, he became outraged and envied with himself.

5. Myrtle Wilson :

She is the lover of Tom Buchanan. Her husband had a rundown garage in the valley of ashes. She wasn't happy with her husband, too and choose a Tom to share her life where Tom used her when needed.

6. Jordan Baker :

She once falls in love with Nick while narrating a novel. They got a chance to meet with each other due to of Daisy as she belongs to the friend of Daisy. She was unfair and always tried to hide the truth to win a golf tournament.

7. Owl Eyes :

A man with a white beard and owl-like eyes who met Nick at a Gatsby party. Nick found Owl eyes having a look at Gatsby's library, dashing and real.

8. Meyer Wolfsheim :

A Bollywood star is known as 'Amitabh Bachchan' who had a white beard and wore a white cap in 'The Great Gatsby' is expressed in the role of 'Meyer Wolfsheim'. He is expressed as a friend of Gatsby in a movie who is pro in illegal activities and helped Gatsby in some illegal activities like liquor.