Monday, January 21, 2019

Dear Parents,Try To Understand.

Dear parents,
I am sorry, I don't want to create an issue about what you wanted to say always. The one and only thing that I am not satisfied with you is "Your mentality, these days, anymore". You guys are not always correct. I am now matured enough to do about my life.

Please do not compare me with others. Do not compare what they do for a living and what their lifestyle is. I am a happy mom, I am happy eating 80 rs mo: mo rather eating 250 Rs. mo: mo. I am happy traveling on the local bus rather riding a cool bike. Why can't you give a better try to understand that "Money is not the only king that you always search for, but better time will heal in bulk". Yeah, I know your suggestions and I am forwarding keeping in my mind that you gave for me: "you have to build your future in your own way, you have to grow by your own experience, if you will earn money then you can survive in a better way, blah blah ". You should understand my dear parents"I am happy with my this beautiful time with less worth of money".

What others have doesn't mean I should have that too. I am happy with my 1-2 friends, I am happy with my job. At least I am earning dad, I am not asking you for pocket money, I am making my life. It takes time to be successful, it takes time to get a well-settled life. You always give me an example about yourself, like "what you did to live the life, what you did to raise me, " I know that mom and dad, I know the pain, I know what you did, but that doesn't mean that will apply always. I have a hope, you should trust me. Believe me, understand what I am saying, Understand that I am not wasting my life. I know what will be wrong for me and what will be the perfect selection for me.

Treat me as your son, support me, make me feel confident. Because one day if I will lose that you will lose me. I am better than others and I am proving it.


Your Son!

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