Tuesday, January 22, 2019


Dear 13 years old me, you're so young and fresh. You see yourself growing physically and mentally.
You were like a caterpillar and now you've become a butterfly.

Dear 13 years old me, you've just stepped into teenage. You see your face changing.
You've got pimples and you're now scared of the mirrors 'cause it shows your ugly face.

You keep searching for the ways to look pretty, ways to enlighten your skin tone in YouTube, but honey, this is not going to help.

Looking up to Hollywood celebrities, who after doing plenty of surgeries and applying tons of makeup ask you to be yourself for inspiration doesn't help either.

You need to understand that this is inevitable at this time you need to accept the change you see and let the time heal it.
You're beautiful and young. You've got to love yourself.

Dear 13 years old me, you like that cute guy in your class. You can't stop staring at him. You feel like punching the girls who talk to him.

Just to get his attention, you starve yourself to look thin.
You put makeup and things you don't even know to look beautiful in front of him.

You think it's love but it's just the attraction, the demand of the time.
You don't have to cry when you lose some random guy. Maybe he's like a cloud, after he goes you'll see the bright sunny day.

Not all the relationships are beautiful. Some are toxic too.
 You need to understand not everyone stays with you till the end.

Dear 13 years old me, its okay to make mistakes. It's fine when you don't get good grades sometimes.
You have to understand that knowledge is important than grades.

This is the time for you to explore yourself, to find your passion, to set your goals.
Keep failing and learning.

Dear 13 years old me, you always look sad and depressed for no reason. You get angry so quickly.
You often slam doors, shout at your parents.

You feel like they don't understand your problems but remember one thing Noone in this world loves you and understands you better than your parents.

Your mother understood you even when you could not speak when you were a baby. They understand everything. Talk to them. Share your problems.

Spend time with your family. Remember, there's never a generation gap but communication gap.

Dear 13 years old me, utilize your freshness in something productive than over a random guy.
And the last thing, you're amazing the way you are, don't ever try to change yourself for anyone.