Saturday, January 26, 2019


After 2 years of a Breakup!

We were standing in the same place.

Hands were shaking and the normal heartbeat was instantly replaced.
"Hey," the first word slipped through my mouth,
expecting not a reply, of course, why would I? But suddenly!

"Hello, how are you" was the reply.
Omg, she still cares about me,
or I am being a drama?

She still knows now about me,
or I am being sadistic?

But wait!
How would she?
How would she when I made her life a lie?

It's amazing to see our past in front of us,
after so many years, maybe in a mall, the cafe may be far away or in a bus.

" I am good, what about you?" The conversation starts as you met for the first time.
(Before it was like a baby would you like to have dinner with me and lastly a sip of your favorite wine?)

Without taking a single second, " I am good, too !" she smiled.

I was certified of what I should clarify was going to sip some words.
"You have got fat than before" she again testified.

Ohhh why would you say like that, we were broke because of a silly brat named as "ego".

"What does heart have? I want to say by holding your hand, "Why did I let you go ?". 
I want to make you a happy by erasing my every fault of making you sad.
I always use to say by my mind, but not by heart that I don't miss you, I don't want to see you. But your face is as much as near to my mom! Whenever I want to forget you, my mom will appear in front of me. 
Seeing you after a long time, I want to hold you, hug you, I want to say don't go far from me, but seat beside by me forever and forever.

"Ok gotta go, it was good to meet you" final bye was whistled from her.

I was quite sure I will be drunk tonight enjoying whiskey or a beer.

I know she is moved on, she has now a well behave boyfriend. She doesn't need me and my shits, and I don't want a comeback also. 
It was a great lie for me, too that I lose her and that is okay with me.

I just told her "You are still beautiful".
Take care!

Moral :

Self-respect is the greatest thing ever that no-one would give for you, but you need to maintain this.
Always be kind with the stranger and known people.
Your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend may hurt you but never let yourself deprive of getting the best lesson of the bad time.
Follow your own good type of trend.
 Never let anybody hold your pain.
Always listen to your heart because the heart would give you the unique idea that every champ failed to provide.
Be a good time seeker and wait for the best partner for your life.
Don't waste your valuable time with any type of people.
Once you declared that I have got the best partner of my life then welcome to the beautiful destination.


Aww 😍 how can someone express his words so nicely ? This is beyond awsome infact not only this every stories are just wow #lotsoflovebrother❤️