Sunday, December 16, 2018


If someone scolds you, you are a one who can control your ego, but why to inspire yourself to raise your ego if you are a warrior?
When someone leaves you or something negative things start to happen, you can wet your pillow.
You can eat nothing and keep yourself locked in the room.

You can deactivate social media, ignore texts and calls. You can feel pity for yourself.

But there is a question to ask not for your pain, the question is “how long you will accept that pain which is making you weak day by day?”

Reality is, wasting your time to spend replaying the past and wishing you would have done things differently, will just make you a loser in coming days. 
Come on, Mean it, yesterday is over. You cannot reverse your mistakes. You can only stop yourself from re-making those identical errors in a future life.
What I want to suggest to you all is:
Don’t reread the texts from your ex to see where the relationship went wrong instead of that keep your heart open for a new person.

Don’t think about how mad your parents are going to be about you failing your life, instead of that start trusting yourself, use those time to show your parents that you are capable of something.
Don’t waste your precious time feeling pity for yourself. 

This is life, and bad things happen to every single person on this planet. You cannot let your poor days change into poor weeks and poor years.
If you genuinely feel that the fight which you have done with your loved one will make them far, reach out to them and apologize. Don’t be so confused about your relationship if you are finding it not working. Just quit.

“We all know, complaining is the easiest task, but taking action instantly will make it better. You are not a slave of the pain, You are a warrior and warrior never surrender.”

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