Monday, December 31, 2018


Staying alone at a corner of a room while people around you are having fun and talking to each other. Not being able to speak with anyone in the crowd. Does this sound relatable? If yes, congratulations and welcome to "The introvert club"!

Being an introvert, it's damn hard. You have so much going on in your mind but you can't express it. You want to be social, like others and enjoy moments together .you want to connect to people but there is always something that holds you back. Fear of getting judged for your perception and the feeling of "Not connecting in" or "not gathering the levels "set by people may be the reasons to hold you back.

You attend a public event and come home with a heavy heart for no reason. The pain, which is there without any reason finds its way to pop out through your face but you cover it with a fake smile. Feeling sad and depressed without any reason and not being able to discuss it with anyone thinking they would laugh at you or create entertainment over your condition hurts the most. You like talking to children or animals than humankind and fear when they come near.

You end up having awkward silence whenever you're walking with newly made friends. Just hi and hello and you cannot proceed that conversation any further. You want to talk more but you can't. You like staying home watching tv shows or sports than hanging out with people.

You like speaking with yourself in silence. 
Sometimes, you laugh alone remembering some funny incidents. 
You laugh remembering the golden memories that you had during childhood. 
You really care about the better incident of living alone in a peaceful area because you don't want to be interfered by anyone. For other people, ,you're someone filled with ego or attitude 'cause you don't talk to anyone but for you, you are enough to make please to your life. You find happiness within yourself. You may be alone but definitely not feels really good when you enjoy your own company, communicate with yourself on your heart .sometimes you feel sad but then you console yourself. At times, you feel relieved expressing you to yourself.

Yes, we introverts can't talk much but trust me, we love enjoying every moment of life with ourselves. We do love a peaceful area and want to think whole time about how to make own life better. We are definitely worse when we can't speak our heart out when we can't convey our anger, happiness, fear or excitement with humankind. But you know what? It really doesn't matter to them. What matters is your happiness and change that you see In yourself. Even sharing doesn't help. Accepting the situation and handling it on your own is the only way to get over any situations. So, being an introvert is not always bad. For people your life is gloomy or you're too proud. But only you know that its one of the best way of finding your true self.