Sunday, December 2, 2018



Well for me, all these years my writing came in stages.


Everything I wrote was painfully relatable to all the heartbroken souls in the world. I wrote because I felt I was the only one who has felt this pain. You were on my mind, as I wrote about you. How you hurt me. What you did to me. How I’d never been the same. How you’d completely destroyed my soul. I wrote about how you broke my heart, and how not even the feviquick could ever mend those broken fragments.

My Second stage was an "INSPIRATION"!

I began to move on. I forgave myself. I forgave you. I got motivated to do better, to extract myself out of the hole of depression that you’d dug for me and thrown me in. I wrote for others who needed the inspiration. I wrote about how self-love and self-respect could fix those broken pieces you left throughout me.

My Third stage was "LOVE"!

I wrote about the girl who showed me I was capable of falling in love again. I wrote about how her hands fit perfectly in mine, better than yours ever did. I wrote about her gentle forehead kisses. I get to learn about girls and their problems. I wrote about how her lips tasted like honey against mine. I wrote about how special she made me feel. She gave me a purpose. She made me feel loved and appreciated. Then the cycle started over.

It always does. Except for this time, I won’t let it. I won’t let myself to fall apart. Now I have learned 95% of people still love the face and don’t care who you are. They will leave you for the family, for a guy/girl. So girl, don’t blame me for not being able to write. For now, I have nothing to write about. Maybe one day, but not today.

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