Sunday, December 2, 2018


What do you people think about the fake relationship? Well, I don't think that I should say a relationship instead of relationshit! Yeah, that relationship would be no more like garbage as that garbage will be mixed in soil soon.
Let's begin the story, guys!

“Why, out of all the girls he had? Why did he have to choose to hurt me?”
The girl cried, showed the bruises which she did because of him.

He’d ruined her. She came back to reality as familiar fingers friends leave the fake relationship and admit the old true friendship.

“Do you want me to be honest?” I asked, wiping her tears, holding her hands. she nodded and moved her head but she wants to listen.

“Well...she began in a romantic way by forwarding her two hands around my backside(just below to the neck) in a warm hug.

“You are innocent. You are beautiful; unused. I think he liked that. All of the other girls he’d met in his life had been left him over already. But you were pure. Too pure for his dirty hands.”

Her eyes filled up with tears and she tried to escape. When she was running back I said
“He took advantage of you, I’m not going to lie. 

He manipulated you, he hurts you, because he knew he could to make you so. You were an easy target.”
She then smiled, looking into my eyes.

“But, he made you strong. He broke you, I know. But you have to learn how to stick again those broken pieces back together like feviquik. 

Nobody can do that but you can. So, you may regret him hurting you, but I don’t. He made you strong. And one day, you’ll realize that because of him, you’re a better person, sister”.

That was the first time being a brother I helped my sister to move on.

Girls don’t be afraid of sharing your pain to your brothers because they can feel you.

And boys if your sister is trying to share you something listen to her and motivate her, don’t mistreat her because of her bad choice.

In your life, you have also done the same somewhere. Siblings bonding are most effective, your sister doesn’t need another person to get her to move on, because of next time what if she is a victim of another boy. 

Give a better try to your sister and make her feel that “It's okay to have a heartbreak like wooden furniture, it also can be fixed which look like the previous one”
Make her feel you are the superhero and she is the superwoman.

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