Monday, December 31, 2018


Staying alone at a corner of a room while people around you are having fun and talking to each other. Not being able to speak with anyone in the crowd. Does this sound relatable? If yes, congratulations and welcome to "The introvert club"!

Being an introvert, it's damn hard. You have so much going on in your mind but you can't express it. You want to be social, like others and enjoy moments together .you want to connect to people but there is always something that holds you back. Fear of getting judged for your perception and the feeling of "Not connecting in" or "not gathering the levels "set by people may be the reasons to hold you back.

You attend a public event and come home with a heavy heart for no reason. The pain, which is there without any reason finds its way to pop out through your face but you cover it with a fake smile. Feeling sad and depressed without any reason and not being able to discuss it with anyone thinking they would laugh at you or create entertainment over your condition hurts the most. You like talking to children or animals than humankind and fear when they come near.

You end up having awkward silence whenever you're walking with newly made friends. Just hi and hello and you cannot proceed that conversation any further. You want to talk more but you can't. You like staying home watching tv shows or sports than hanging out with people.

You like speaking with yourself in silence. 
Sometimes, you laugh alone remembering some funny incidents. 
You laugh remembering the golden memories that you had during childhood. 
You really care about the better incident of living alone in a peaceful area because you don't want to be interfered by anyone. For other people, ,you're someone filled with ego or attitude 'cause you don't talk to anyone but for you, you are enough to make please to your life. You find happiness within yourself. You may be alone but definitely not feels really good when you enjoy your own company, communicate with yourself on your heart .sometimes you feel sad but then you console yourself. At times, you feel relieved expressing you to yourself.

Yes, we introverts can't talk much but trust me, we love enjoying every moment of life with ourselves. We do love a peaceful area and want to think whole time about how to make own life better. We are definitely worse when we can't speak our heart out when we can't convey our anger, happiness, fear or excitement with humankind. But you know what? It really doesn't matter to them. What matters is your happiness and change that you see In yourself. Even sharing doesn't help. Accepting the situation and handling it on your own is the only way to get over any situations. So, being an introvert is not always bad. For people your life is gloomy or you're too proud. But only you know that its one of the best way of finding your true self.
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Tuesday, December 25, 2018


It was 2004 and our new house had just been completed. I was doing my +2. I was very excited and happy with our new 2 and a half storehouse. My parents held a big religious function before shifting in the newly built house. The house looked so amazing with those wonderful colors and the Buddhist prayer flags, upon the terrace. My room was on the top floor and it had a small balcony too. I loved the view from my balcony. Everything was fine and days were going well for the first week. But from the second week, things started getting strange. I had this habit of sleeping late, so as usual I was reading books and the time must have been between 11:30 to 11:50 pm as far as I can recall, and there was this sudden blow on the door of my balcony. It sounded like as if someone had hit or kicked hard on the door. I quickly got up and opened the door of my balcony. There was nothing and there was nobody. I thought maybe I was just mistaken or maybe the woods of the door and the windows might have made the sound as the house was new. It did not bother me a bit that night. The next night, I wasn’t asleep until late at night and I was just going through the internet. There was this loud sound on the door of my balcony again and it sounded like as if someone had kicked hard on the door. I got up again and opened the balcony door. 

There was no one and no nobody. I still thought that maybe the new woods from the door and windows were making some sounds due to the heat of the sun. Surprisingly the same thing happened again the third night. This time I thought maybe someone was fooling with me or either there must be some robbers trying to do some monkey stuff. You would not believe what happened then, every night around 11 to 2 pm, something or someone was maybe kicking on my door because the sound was so humanly and loud. I would call my parents and my brother, we would look around the house and on the terrace, and we would find nothing. I tried my best to figure out the problem in every possible way but I failed. I started getting scared so I asked my big brother to sleep with me in my room. I even let my dogs sleep with us. After my brother started sleeping with me in my room, everything stopped. There were no bangs on the door of the balcony of my room. Things were getting fine again. Since the days were hot, my brother and I started sleeping with the balcony doors open from inside while the outer door made up of wired net remained shut. Nothing unusual or strange happened for a month. But one day my sibling said,” I saw it”. I asked him an explanation and he said,” The last full moon night, I was awakened by the dogs barking suddenly and weirdly, I looked around and saw a figure stand on the balcony door, I thought it was you because it looked like you. But as I looked at your bed, you were there lying asleep, I quickly looked back at the balcony and there was no one, the dark figure had vanished”. I started sweating after hearing this, I stopped going inside my room without my brother. One day, I was playing cards with my sisters and younger brother and I said,” It’s funny that the banging on the door of my balcony stopped suddenly”. The moment later, there was this loud bang on the door, we ran downstairs without looking behind. Years went by, my parents, my brothers, and sisters talked about seeing ghostly figures, but I had never seen one. Yes, I used to hear sounds but never did I see anything ghostly. My sister once called me on my phone and said,” were you down on our house gate, calling my name?” I said no and asked why? She replied frankly,” Well, I am here with my own soulmate, together and we both perceived that you were calling my name”. Bad dreams were always recurring. I and my brother used to see the same frightening dreams most of the nights. 

An ugly old woman would come to take us and lead us to river banks and bridges or cremation places where bodies were being burnt on wooden pyres. She would often disguise herself as dogs, bats, and owls. But I was getting used to it, I knew there was something present in my house that I couldn’t see but I was getting used to it. Later on, I got married and within a month my wife said, ”I saw someone standing near our bed, I was woken up, you were asleep, that dark figure looked like you”. I started recalling about my brother and family members telling me, them seeing figures that looked at me. Trust me I had never seen anything. But in the year 2016, I don’t know why but I woke up in the middle of the night, only to see a dark female figure with long uncombed hair, looking at me. It was standing, I was sweating and I dared to move. The most frightening thing is, it looked like my wife, who was sleeping next to me. I simply closed my eyes, and kept praying to the gods and then slowly woke my wife. Strange things still happen in my house. It usually takes place during full moon nights or the no moon nights. But honestly, I am getting uses to it.
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Sunday, December 23, 2018


Hey, these days why you are not talking with me, is anything wrong? “Boy messaged.

“Listen up dude, now I don’t want to talk with you and I don’t need you because I have found someone special for me. That time I was in the break-up situation and was need of someone to heal me up. I found you and choose you to be my listener. What did you expect?? I will start to love you and live my life with you ??

Come one, just look at you, you are an average boy with black complexion, whenever I will put heels, you will look smaller than me, and I don’t want a short guy in my life. Yes, I do agree.

Hmm, that time I was surrounded by a lot of happiness, you were there to listen my every statement but now stop that, you are so clingy type of person, dude I have lost all the feelings towards you. When my ex left me, it was you who care but don't think you did a great job because at that time you also found a girl who was easy.

So kindly mend your mind, you will never refrain in my life again. Be happy, and thanks.” She replied

Boy “Huh! I didn’t say love me or make me your boyfriend, I just asked why you are not talking with me, its okay I am happy with your life. Chill, enjoy the life and be happy, for the next time if you are again broke and will meet a guy like me, please leave a message with reason so that he will not take unnecessary thoughts.
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Friday, December 21, 2018



Hey, I want to share something, something that I share daily.
Why you are so pissed off with relationships huh? You write bad about relationship stories, you are manipulating people think to wrong!

These are the questions which I get daily. I am not against the relationship as I know the real value of the relationship, I am against the people who think wrong about the relationship.
Let me describe what you should do when you want to move on.
The thing is when you get completely left by your partner you begin to start feeling different. You are unable to get over your exes and almost cry over the pain daily. And that is okay.

You should understand, there is nothing wrong with you for occasionally daydreaming about the one who got away even if it happened two months or three years ago. It's a human nature, where you are allowed to miss old flames. You are allowed to hold a special place in your heart for them.
Somewhere, in reality, you might never get over them— but you have to accept that they are not the one whom you need.
You have to forget all those things and start to talk to new people.
You have to follow your passions. You have to spend time with friends. You have to date other people. You have to find new reasons to smile. You have to accept they are no longer in your world.
Yes yes you guys will say, "It's easy to say but difficult to do " but guys
I am not saying you have to get over them completely. You only have to accept that they don't exist, they are never coming back to wipe your old tears, and you can build a perfectly happy life without them.

Once you realize that, it doesn’t matter whether they control your mind every once in a while. There are old friends you miss, the old friends whom you haven't meet for a long time.

There is a family member you miss. And there are going to be exes you miss.
They are just a human being, and a population of human beings is higher.
I am not saying this because I am so much experienced about relationships, I am saying this because I have tried to move on and I did.

You have to stop trying so hard to get over them and feeling pathetic when you fail. You might always have love in your heart for them. But you are not always going to wake up thinking about them. You are not always going to hate yourself for losing them.

You are not always going to feel like something is missing from your world without them around. Happiness is always on your way, you have to accept reality.

Besides these motivational lines again, you cannot control who you love. You cannot stop yourself from feeling a certain way, even if you know it is a dreadful goal.

That is why you should stop placing all of your focus on getting over them and focus on accepting they are gone.
Trust me in this case, I mean to say come on think about it, once you accept the relationship is over, you can work on building a better future for yourself.

You can spend more time with friends. You can chase after your dream career. You can even find the new relationships that will definitely beat the old one.
One thing I always say to those who ask me How to Move On?
"The key to living a life without them is to stop worrying about how much you still care about them — and focus on how much you care about yourself"
That day you will get your answer and you will forget motivational lines.

Have a wonderful life ahead! (y) 

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Sunday, December 16, 2018


If someone scolds you, you are a one who can control your ego, but why to inspire yourself to raise your ego if you are a warrior?
When someone leaves you or something negative things start to happen, you can wet your pillow.
You can eat nothing and keep yourself locked in the room.

You can deactivate social media, ignore texts and calls. You can feel pity for yourself.

But there is a question to ask not for your pain, the question is “how long you will accept that pain which is making you weak day by day?”

Reality is, wasting your time to spend replaying the past and wishing you would have done things differently, will just make you a loser in coming days. 
Come on, Mean it, yesterday is over. You cannot reverse your mistakes. You can only stop yourself from re-making those identical errors in a future life.
What I want to suggest to you all is:
Don’t reread the texts from your ex to see where the relationship went wrong instead of that keep your heart open for a new person.

Don’t think about how mad your parents are going to be about you failing your life, instead of that start trusting yourself, use those time to show your parents that you are capable of something.
Don’t waste your precious time feeling pity for yourself. 

This is life, and bad things happen to every single person on this planet. You cannot let your poor days change into poor weeks and poor years.
If you genuinely feel that the fight which you have done with your loved one will make them far, reach out to them and apologize. Don’t be so confused about your relationship if you are finding it not working. Just quit.

“We all know, complaining is the easiest task, but taking action instantly will make it better. You are not a slave of the pain, You are a warrior and warrior never surrender.”

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Sunday, December 2, 2018


What do you people think about the fake relationship? Well, I don't think that I should say a relationship instead of relationshit! Yeah, that relationship would be no more like garbage as that garbage will be mixed in soil soon.
Let's begin the story, guys!

“Why, out of all the girls he had? Why did he have to choose to hurt me?”
The girl cried, showed the bruises which she did because of him.

He’d ruined her. She came back to reality as familiar fingers friends leave the fake relationship and admit the old true friendship.

“Do you want me to be honest?” I asked, wiping her tears, holding her hands. she nodded and moved her head but she wants to listen.

“Well...she began in a romantic way by forwarding her two hands around my backside(just below to the neck) in a warm hug.

“You are innocent. You are beautiful; unused. I think he liked that. All of the other girls he’d met in his life had been left him over already. But you were pure. Too pure for his dirty hands.”

Her eyes filled up with tears and she tried to escape. When she was running back I said
“He took advantage of you, I’m not going to lie. 

He manipulated you, he hurts you, because he knew he could to make you so. You were an easy target.”
She then smiled, looking into my eyes.

“But, he made you strong. He broke you, I know. But you have to learn how to stick again those broken pieces back together like feviquik. 

Nobody can do that but you can. So, you may regret him hurting you, but I don’t. He made you strong. And one day, you’ll realize that because of him, you’re a better person, sister”.

That was the first time being a brother I helped my sister to move on.

Girls don’t be afraid of sharing your pain to your brothers because they can feel you.

And boys if your sister is trying to share you something listen to her and motivate her, don’t mistreat her because of her bad choice.

In your life, you have also done the same somewhere. Siblings bonding are most effective, your sister doesn’t need another person to get her to move on, because of next time what if she is a victim of another boy. 

Give a better try to your sister and make her feel that “It's okay to have a heartbreak like wooden furniture, it also can be fixed which look like the previous one”
Make her feel you are the superhero and she is the superwoman.

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Well for me, all these years my writing came in stages.


Everything I wrote was painfully relatable to all the heartbroken souls in the world. I wrote because I felt I was the only one who has felt this pain. You were on my mind, as I wrote about you. How you hurt me. What you did to me. How I’d never been the same. How you’d completely destroyed my soul. I wrote about how you broke my heart, and how not even the feviquick could ever mend those broken fragments.

My Second stage was an "INSPIRATION"!

I began to move on. I forgave myself. I forgave you. I got motivated to do better, to extract myself out of the hole of depression that you’d dug for me and thrown me in. I wrote for others who needed the inspiration. I wrote about how self-love and self-respect could fix those broken pieces you left throughout me.

My Third stage was "LOVE"!

I wrote about the girl who showed me I was capable of falling in love again. I wrote about how her hands fit perfectly in mine, better than yours ever did. I wrote about her gentle forehead kisses. I get to learn about girls and their problems. I wrote about how her lips tasted like honey against mine. I wrote about how special she made me feel. She gave me a purpose. She made me feel loved and appreciated. Then the cycle started over.

It always does. Except for this time, I won’t let it. I won’t let myself to fall apart. Now I have learned 95% of people still love the face and don’t care who you are. They will leave you for the family, for a guy/girl. So girl, don’t blame me for not being able to write. For now, I have nothing to write about. Maybe one day, but not today.

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